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About FBR

For 40 years, develops and manufactures the Italian FBR high-tech conversion burners, suitable for oil, gas, gas / oil and heavy oil. This Italian burner because of the very competitive price of interest to the more standard applications.

Quality is F.B.R. paramount. The burners F.B.R. are therefore subjected to severe tests, which also critically looks at the environmentally harmful effects. The thorough knowledge and experience of FBR, coupled with an open and innovative setting, makes this company a valued provider. Currently distributes F.B.R. its products to 80 countries.

Sustainability and ecology are fixed points at FBR In addition to the standard product range, one develops therefore high power burners for alternative fuels like biodiesel, "BTZ" (low sulfar oil) and vegetable oils (colza oil and sunflower oil). The company also has a special Low NOx range of light oil and gas burners.

Besides FBR burners delivers boilers, which are suitable for diverse applications in industry and in shipping. These boilers are provided with certificates variety of Lloyds Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

For all products, a guide for installation, commissioning and maintenance provided.

For the required maintenance of the installations may ICAM you a tailored maintenance agreement.

We assist you in finding the most suitable solution for you. This results in custom designed systems that meet your specific needs. Providing customized ICAM is a specialty. Do not hesitate to contact us, we like with you.