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ICAM is a representative of ESA Pyronics, Comtherm and F.B.R. in the Netherlands. These brands are carefully selected for their diversity, a favourable price and proven excellent qualifications. This gives ICAM an extensive range of burners and air heaters for industrial processes, both for high and low temperatures, which offers a suitable solution for each question.

Comtherm delivers burners and air heaters which are suitable for applications on dryers, afterburning and furnaces in the process industry. ESA Pyronics is specialized in industrial burners and components for high temperature applications, mainly for a large number of industries. F.B.R. develops high tech converter burners, suitable for oil, gas, gas/oil and heavy oil, and supplies boilers for ships and for industrial applications.

Other brands

ICAM is not limited to these three suppliers, but also offers a great number of related products of each brand, such as:

  • standard fan burners (gas and oil)
  • throttle flaps
  • rule engines
  • measurement and control equipment.

Our point of view is allways to find the most appropriate solution for you.


With all our products you'll find a manual for installation, commissioning and maintenance delivered.


For the required maintenance and inspecton of the installation Icam can offer you a tailor-made maintenance agreement.


Because every situation is different, we support you in finding the most suitable solution for you. This results in custom designed installations that meets your specific needs. Delivering custom-made solutions is a specialty of ICAM. So please feel free to contact us as we like to think along with you.