Let op: Als u op zoek bent naar Stichting ICAM in verband met de GGD-datalekschadevergoeding, neem dan alstublieft geen contact met ons op. Bel in plaats daarvan naar dhr. Bos (030-2318060/bos@berculo.nl) van Berculo Advocaten.
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Welcome at Icam

Your partner in Industrial Combustion.

ICAM is a specialist in advanced combustion techniques and delivers a broad spectrum of products, services and custom designed installations for industrial combustion applications.

ICAM In a nutshell

SCIOS-certified maintenance and inspection
Excellent reputation in the market
Expanded product range
Careful handling customer questions
Availability 24/7
Effective team of well-trained specialists
Specializing in tailor-made

Excellent reputation

ICAM has an excellent reputation in the market. We distinguish ourselves by short lines of communication with the customer and a great
care in the handling of customer questions. More and more customers
find their way to ICAM while still serving our customers of the first hour.